Jonas Burgert: STÜCK HIRN BLIND, Blain|Southern

In his first solo show in London in over five years, acclaimed German artist Jonas Burgert exhibits an exciting new body of work, exploring the notion of a world suspended in time. STÜCK HIRN BLIND at Blain|Southern presents the artist’s largest painting to date – a monumental work spanning eight metres – along with two figurative bronze sculptures, offering viewers an insight into Burgert’s shadowy reflections on the detritus surrounding the existence of mankind.

Working within the context of everyday flux, human beings are portrayed as individual and contorted creatures, existing between the familiar and the fantastical. Often depicted unclothed and sometimes splashed with the artist’s trademark fluorescent colours of acid yellows, electric blues, purples, pinks and reds, each figure appears engaged in an unsettled and unfocused quest – neither character nor viewer are able to define their true purpose. Meandering their way through desolate landscapes, Burgert’s dream-like creatures are frozen on their disquieting journeys and draw their audience in through their darkly troubled, yet immersive exploration of the ego and sense of self.

Considered against the setting of imaginative figurative painting, from Hieronymus Bosch through to portraits by Rembrandt and Van Dyke, Burgert is unparalleled in his contemporary construction of the figurative realm. His paintings provide a renewed spectacle within the well-trodden context of the figurative, presenting a sincere reflection on the myriad complexities and conflicts of the human psyche.

Jonas Burgert: STÜCK HIRN BLIND, until 22 November, Blain|Southern, 4 Hanover Square, London

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1. Jonas Bürgert, puls führt, 2014. Courtesy of Blain|Southern.