Joie De Vivre

Characterised by a playful spontaneity, Parisian photographer Guillaume Lechat’s (1982) portfolio encompasses a lively, refreshing synthesis of fashion, lifestyle and documentary imagery. Nothing appears overtly staged, a result of his honest, instinctive approach to photography and focus on the body in motion. Natural light is used whenever possible to accentuate the vitality and insouciance of his subjects, with contrasting shadows bringing out naturally occurring patterns. Conversely, overexposed night-time photographs employ a harsh flash, flattening the image in an amateur snapshot style – again, Lechat distances himself from anything too professional. Here, his documentary influences come to the fore, particularly in the unexpected dynamics of certain images. His versatile method lends itself to a diverse range of international commissions – even advertising work for clients such as Nike and Sony is imbued with his signature vivaciousness.