Open Architecture Competition for a New Floating Cinema!

This week UP Projects and The Architecture Foundation announced an Open Call to design a new permanent Floating Cinema. Filmmaker artist duo Somewhere (Nina Pope and Karen Guthrie) will be devising a varied and vibrant programme of on-board screenings, unusual canal tours, talks and workshops to take place on board the craft which will launch to the public in June 2013.

The project team are seeking an architectural design solution that embodies their 2013 theme of “Extra-Ordinary”, offering delight and playfulness as well as being robust and serviceable for a permanent lifespan on the water.

We thought these pictures from last year’s Floating Cinema designed by architects Studio Weave would give you some inspiration.

Interested architect’s can apply by visiting The Architecture Foundation‘s website.

1. The Floating Cinema (2011) by Studio Weave and Somewhere. Photo: Will Austin
2. The Floating Cinema (2011) being painted by Solly Vaughan. Photo: Nina Pope