Aesthetica Magazine Issue 84

August / September 2018

Sustainability is the key concept of our time. It’s hard to imagine the world 500 years ago; it’s even more difficult to imagine it 1,000 years from now. What will it look like? This is an impossible question to answer, but forms an important part of the human story. As a species, we are capable of so much, and the desire to improve our impact on the planet is there; large fast-food behemoths are finally taking action to ban plastic straws. Perhaps we are starting to take a step in the right direction? It gives me great joy. As a society, we have had decades of mass polluting and over-consumption, but now we are waking up to the consequences of our actions. Real change is happening at last.

Inside this issue we look at Why Materials Matter and Manufacturing Architecture, which both examine consumer models and how products need to have a longer life span than a single use. It’s fundamental to note that both designers and architects are responding with ingenious solutions. It’s this type of technology and innovation that will transform the way we live. We also take a bird’s eye view into North Korean architecture through Oliver Wainwright’s photography. Considering the current diplomatic situation between North Korea and South Korea, alongside the USA, it’s a timely glimpse at a place that has been closed to outside influences. London Fashion Week is one of the world’s top events for discovering the latest trends, but for us, it’s about exploring how practitioners are making an impact.

In photography, we look at spaces and humanity’s interaction with them. There are five artists included: James Casebere, Kevin Krautgartner, Romain Veillon, Brooke DiDonato and Esther Hovers. We have also undertaken our annual collaboration with London College of Communication, foregrounding the next generation of talent. Juno Calypso and Emma Hartvig are amongst those who have previously come through this initiative. Sally Ann and Emily May Gunawan have created a new series for us, which considers points of departure between land and sea. Finally, Thomas Wrede gives us the Last Words. Enjoy!

Inspiring Minimalism

Emerging brands Gayeon Lee and Matter Matters address the rising levels of consumption with bespoke garments inspired by wider culture.

Historic Inspiration

Influenced by humanity’s fascination with the nature of the everyday, Romain Veillon’s photographs inhabit a world of testimony and nostalgia.

Points of Departure

Sisters Sally Ann and Emily May Gunawan return to Aesthetica with a shoot inspired by the Australian landscape and Pacific Ocean.

Changing Perspectives

Considering the broad scale of materials available today,  a collection of innovative projects delves into the wider potential of 21st century production.

Moments of Isolation

Continuing an ongoing support of emerging talent, Next Generation is an annual collaboration with LCC that celebrates the work of graduates.

Intricate Customisation

Computer-aided designs break the material-making mould, steering the creation of increasingly responsible, adaptable and sustainable architecture.

Visions of the City

Kevin Krautgartner’s works focus on geometric elements from the evolving landscape, revelling in bold structures set against an immaculate skyline.

Urban Algorithms

Using patterns and data from intelligent surveillance systems, Esther Hovers’ images have been crafted around the detection of criminal behaviour.

Surreal Interactions

Brooke DiDonato creates rich, palpable images that document a new kind of reality – taking figures from the realms of the everyday into a state of flux.

National Construction

Photographs of the country’s interior and exterior structures provide thought-provoking insights into a society built upon fairyland aesthetics.

Spatial Recognition

James Casebere devises table-top models, creating thought-provoking and visually deceptive images that have accrued international acclaim.