Intriguing Landscapes

In a desire to reconnect with nature, Ellie Davies (b. 1976) collages together photographs of rich forestry and the night sky. In Stars (2014-2015), she recontextualises images captured by the Hubble telescope by layering them over scenic landscapes. Ancient areas of trees are interspersed with images of the Milky Way, Omega Centauri, the Norma Cluster and embryonic stars. This mixture of dense greenery with sparkling lights creates a mystical aura, celebrating the captivating beauty inherent in the organic arena. The positioning of the stars in clearings draws the viewer into each image. Each work reflects a link between the woodland space and the intangible and unknown universe, which, in turn, encapsulates Davies’ s own feelings of detachment when in a natural setting. The artist is attracted by the wonder of the forest, but is alienated by its fundamental otherness, separating her from a truly immersive relationship with the natural world.