Into Illusion

In the coming weeks of isolation and distancing, many readers may feel disconnected. Being alone is now a shared experience – it’s more important than ever to seek respite and inspiration through new media.

Mue Studio’s series Somewhere in the World is open-ended – leaving the mind to wander and explore in expansive horizons. Meditative and surreal, these pastel planes are the perfect locations to dip into, with peaches and blues blending seamlessly and satisfactorily into one another.

The studio creates digital non-places that exist between fantasy and reality. They ask questions about how artificial places might still offer us refuge and solace. Dusk is always on the horizon; clouds, moons and blow-up balls drifting through the landscapes.

Mijoo Kim: | @mijookim_studio 
Minjin Kang: | @minjinart 
Mue Studio: | @_mue_studio

All images from Somewhere in the World, a collaboration with Mijoo Kim and Minjin Kang, collectively performing as Mue Studio