Interview with Rufio Summers, The Shoreditch Fashion Show

The Shoreditch Fashion Show returns again this autumn. Running on 12 October, the second show for 2013 follows the success of the first in April. Hosted by OffBeat, the event includes a dynamic guest programme showcasing the best in emerging UK fashion design, art and music. The audience will get an exclusive preview of designs from young designers from the world’s top fashion colleges, notably the London College of Fashion and Central St.Martins. Aesthetica speaks to one of the music acts, Rufio Summers, about his participation in the event and his dream collaborations.

A: When writing music who inspires you?
RS: I’m inspired by everyday events; things that have happened in the past and my aspirations for the future. Saying that, with music I don’t want to reflect too much on the past and equally don’t want to speculate too much about the future. I think that, that concept is an important approach to life in general, which I hope resonates in my music.

A: How would you describe your music to someone who hasn’t heard it?
RS: New school blues with a live rock energy. I mention new school because the new tracks have much more of a contemporary twist to the more traditional bluesy rock that I used to play.

A: What made you want to be involved with The Shoreditch Fashion Show?
RS: The Offbeat Network pride themselves on putting together brilliant, high quality production events and they always do so with a different and interesting twist. They have a way of bringing fellow creatives together so the events are really dynamic and engaging, and I think that bringing together intriguing, like-minded people can further what you are doing.

A: If you could perform anywhere in the world in any venue where would it be?
RS: I would like to perform all over the world. However, I would l really love to spend some time in New Orleans playing with with the real hardcore, blues musicians.

A: Is there someone you would love to collaborate with?
RS: It would be such an honour to perform with Paul Roger, Steve Winwood or d’Angelo. I feel I could learn so much from all of them.

The Shoreditch Fashion Show, 12 October, Shoreditch, London.

1. Image of Rufio Summers courtesy of Offbeat.