Interview with Maggie Pinhorn, Director of Photomonth Photofair, London

Photomonth Photofair will open on 6 October at Spitalfields Traders Market, giving guests the chance to peruse stalls run by photographers and galleries selling prints, books and magazines. Aesthetica caught up with Maggie Pinhorn, director of the event, to uncover the finer details.

A: What is the aim of Photomonth?
hotomonth aims to demonstrate the diversity of contemporary photography and reach the widest possible audience. The open call for exhibitions gives the opportunity for emerging artists to be appreciated in a variety of interesting and unusual East London spaces alongside leading internationally renowned photographers in major institutions.

A: You have a huge list of photographers involved, is variety one of the important elements of the event?
MP: Photomonth was founded in 2001 and has grown to become the largest photography festival in the UK. Over 200 exhibitions and events will take place during October and November across East London. Our inclusive policy means that an enormous variety of images may be discovered and discussed. Photomonth also actively engages with all aspects of photography. We wanted to provide an opportunity for everyone involved in the art of photography and the photography industry to present themselves to each other and the public.

A: Was there a particular theme you were considering when you were planning?
MP: This year we have a “Radical London” theme flowing through Photomonth and there is an exhibition and a series of talks taking place at the Bishopsgate Institute – with David Hoffman 6 October, Ed Thompson 3 November and Jenny Matthews 10 November. There are also a number of other exhibitions on this theme in Spitalfields and Shoreditch and on 4 November we will be screening Radical London Portfolios by eminent and emerging photographers at the Rich Mix.

A: What do you want visitors to get out of the festival?
MP: We hope visitors will enjoy exploring the East End of London and discover amazing exhibitions expressing all kinds of issues and ideas in a variety of galleries & spaces they may not have seen before.

Photomonth Photofair is on the 6 October and is 10am-6pm with free admission, Spitalfields Traders Market, Brushfield Street E1 6AA

1. Kabul Express, courtesy of Simon Norfolk.
2. Cant Spelle, courtesy of Cate Halpin.
3. Ian Dury, courtesy of David Corio.
4. Babies against the Bomb, courtesy Jenny Matthews.
5. Four Horsement of the Apocalypse, courtesy of Paulina Otylie Surys.