International Photography

International Photography

The Royal Photographic Society’s International Photography Exhibition is the world’s longest running show dedicated to image-making. Now open for 2019 at Midlands Arts Centre (MAC), Birmingham, it showcases work by winners Catherine Hyland, Christopher Bethell, Alys Tomlinson and Oli Kellett, part of the 2019 Aesthetica Art Prize. Displayed alongside contributions by 50 artists from the UK, USA, Australia, Brazil, Russia, Indonesia and beyond, the winning works span a wide selection of genres.

Oli Kellett, Cross Road Blues.

Featured above is Bronze award-winner Kellett’s Cross Road Blues, which focuses in on people during a moment of reflection. “We live in an era of fake news and political polarisation,” he notes. “Our experience of the world is fractured as we live out multiple identities on and offline. Crossroads are a democratic place. Being held at a ‘DON’T WALK’ sign allows us a few seconds to ask ourselves: where do we come from? Where are we going?”

Catherine Hyland (UK), Gold award winner, Maddens Wind Farm, from the series Wait-And-See Pudding with Patience Sauce

Hyland’s portraits from the Caribbean island of Nevis received the Gold award. Each image explores an element of a community steeped in history, aiming to become the world’s first carbon-neutral nation. The winning works are Maddens Wind Farm and The Gardener from the series Wait-And-See Pudding with Patience Sauce.

The 100 works are on view at MAC until 12 May. Find out more here.

Lead image: Natalie Christensen, A Good Day.