Interior Perspective

Milan-born Giovanni Gastel (b. 1955) first had contact with photography in the 1970s, which truly began to take shape in 1981 when he was introduced into the world of fashion, collaborating with the likes of Vogue Italia, Mondo Uomo and Donna. Ritratti di living plays upon flattened shadows and deep colours, providing an emotional backdrop for the lifestyles advertised, a practice combining minimalist design with voyeuristic angles. Audiences are invited to measure and compare different modes of domesticity; each living room is a hive of conceptualised activity. The static scenes provide an alluring and unsettling glimpse into private spaces characterised by poetic irony and balance. Gastel’s recent exhibition credits include Canons of Beauty at The Lumiere Brothers Center for Photography, Moscow, 40 Years of Gastel at Palazzo della Ragione, Milan, and Donna at Galerie Photo 12. He is represented by TransAtlantic Art.