Interior Aspirations – Cristina Coral

Cristina Coral lives and works in Italy, having been surrounded and influenced by an artistic family. She holds interests in many other forms of creative expression, but her self-taught photographic skills have come to the forefront as an inexhaustible form of language. The notion of the abnormal everyday is at the heart of the compositions, which present a style that has won awards including the Uncanny Contest, run by Gregory Crewsdon and Vogue Italia. Each image invites the viewer into an unnerving arena where neutralised colour schemes are the setting for characters which are just out of reach. With faces hidden, turned longingly towards some sort of escape, the domesticated figures are held within immaculate purgatories. Coral’s work has been featured in, Lens Culture, Musée Magazine, and L’oéil amongst many others. She has exhibited at Somerset House, London, Galleria Carla Sozzani and Leica Gallery, Milan.