Horizon Views

Horizon Views

Spanning 1.5-hectares, and overlooking the Loire River in Nantes, six new, mixed-use buildings have been completed. Named Polaris, this complex of apartments, restaurants, cafes and bars comes from a collaborative design effort between French architecture firms LAN, Abinal & Ropars and Atelier Stéphane Fernandez. Working together, the buildings echo the famous designs of Auguste Perret and François Hennebique, who formed France’s modern day aesthetic through a pioneering use of reinforced concrete. 

Com Lan, Polaris Towe, Julien Lanoo

Each shared space within Polaris is designed to enable unobstructed perspectives of the distant skyline of the city’s historic center. Pathways weave between each building, creating a harmonious and natural flow between the towering structures. An 18-storey tower overlooks the rest, offering a 360 viewing tower that stretches toward the distant skyline and the city’s historic centre. 

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Lead image courtesy of: Polaris, Ilede Nantes, Charly Broyez