Geometric Vocabulary

The connection between interior and exterior worlds has never been more prevalent. Within our homes, shapes, forms and entranceways have been given new meaning as we redefine rooms for altered lifestyles.

Cyril Lancelin’s practice combines technology and art, often engaging the public with immersive installations that provoke questions about the built environment, through spaces that are ambiguous.

​Classical shapes and volumetric spaces are essential to the structures; architectural forms are transformed into experiential art through software design. Circles, squares and triangles prop up glass facades and concrete ceilings in imagined houses. Chain, pictured above, is a parametric wall proposal. House Geometry, pictured below, is also a conceived idea – reconsidering the use of structural blocks.

1. Cyril Lancelin, House Hill.
2. Cyril Lancelin, House Cabins.
3. Cyril Lancelin, Installation Chain.
4. Cyril Lancelin, House Geometry.