Graphic Suburbia

For Linda McPhee, composition is crucial – exploring the place where light, form and colour come together to elevate the commonplace. She continues to hone the creative impulse through structural photography, having moved on from a career in graphic design. The featured images demonstrate a love of suburban nostalgia – manicured back gardens cut evenly against fences; orderly green hedges line up against blank concrete. Paired with these unnerving domestic worlds is a fascination with urban emptiness. A lonesome cloud hangs over a bleached white wall. A vacated dining booth shines pillar-box red. A veiled car is left parked and unused. Absence permeates the photographs, whilst maintaining an infectious sense of wonder. McPhee’s bright, ensnaring images pull the viewer into abandoned settings where humanity seems to have disappeared overnight, leaving only traces of its existence. IG: @loulou_mcphee.