Georgia Tovey

Georgia Tovey is a motivated and committed multidisciplinary graphic designer who enjoys working in both analogue and digital mediums. Tovey has an active imagination and a love of film, which attracted the artist to the world of design. Switch is a Final Major Project which focuses on the impact capitalism is having on our planet. “The unashamed pursuit of profit within capitalism has led to the exploitation of natural resources and the production of commodities without concern for the consequences of these actions,” Tovey notes. “Fast fashion, a leading contributor to capitalism, is responsible for many detrimental factors that are killing our polluting our land, waterways, oceans and air. The added influence of social media has escalated the impact of fast fashion by promoting a “throwaway culture” to keep up with fashion trends.” This knowledge led to the creation of a sustainable second-hand clothing shop. It’s a new take on typical second-hand clothing shops, with a fresh, trendy, fun and modern style in-store. Switch shows audiences that shopping second-hand doesn’t have to be dreary or difficult, and helps save our planet.