Future Now Symposium: The Future of Art and Culture in Curating and Talent Development

Future Now: The Aesthetica Art Prize Symposium is an opportunity for artists and those working in the creative sector to network, discuss best practice and build new collaborations. On Day Two of the event, taking place 27 May at York St John University, there are a number of sessions that focus on the future of art and culture, particularly curating for the future, talent development, and funding and commissions for today’s practicing artists. We highlight three sessions from the programme.

Session 7:
Curating for the Future: 
A Collaborative Approach
10:00 – 11:15, 27 May, De Grey 125
In recent years, galleries have had to develop new models for sustainability. This session will look at how galleries are devising new strategies for developing audiences, particularly in an age where technology signifies a new set of business models. Speakers include Sarah Brown, Programme Curator, Leeds Art Gallery; Tim Corum, Director of Curatorial and Public Engagement, Horniman Museum and Gardens; Anne McNeill, Director, Impressions Gallery; and Remco de Blaaij, Senior Curator, Centre for Contemporary Arts (CCA), Glasgow; and Zoe Sawyer, Curator, The Tetley. Chaired by Dr Steven Gartside, Curator and Research Fellow, Holden Gallery.

Session 8:
Fuelling Creativity: Funding and Commissions
10:30 – 11:45, 27 May, De Grey Lecture Theatre
Fuelling Creativity: Funding and Commissions highlights the importance of nationwide and international funding opportunities and commissions to support artists, filmmakers and creative organisations in the realisation of their ideas. It will also discuss how these enable practitioners to bring their activities to wider audiences. Speakers include Denise Fahmy, Relationship Manager, Visual Arts, Arts Council England; and Roxy McKenna, Creative Industries Manager, Northern Film and Media; and Ian Fenton, Producer, Random Acts Network Centre North. Chaired by Adrian Friedli, Yorkshire & Humber Visual Arts Network.

Session 9:
The Future of Art and Culture: Talent Development and Responsibility
12:15 – 13:30, 27 May, De Grey Lecture Theatre

Art and culture play an essential role in our lives and their future is of paramount importance. In this session, Dani Burrows, Director of Strategy at the Delfina Foundation, will pinpoint the duties that organisations have to safeguard the future of art and culture through talent development. Drawing on specialist experience, Burrows will highlight the value of nurture and support for creative individuals emerging in the art industry and comment on the current status of arts opportunities in the UK, which aid the development of the next generation of talented creative practitioners. Hosted by Vanessa Corby, Senior Lecturer, Fine Art, York St John University.

One-Day and Two-Day Passes are available. Passes permit access to up to four sessions a day. Book your Pass and sessions here: www.aestheticamagazine.com/symposium

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1. Anna Coburn, Reflections in Blue