Formosa 101 Art Fair & Formosa Art Show, Taipei Expo Dome & Humble House, Taipei

Formosa Art Fair Co. Ltd. have organised two events, taking place on 13 -15 May, in honour of Taipei Art Week. With a combined total of around 94 galleries and 100 artists in attendance, Formosa 101 Art Fair and Formosa Art Show provide an excellent opportunity to engage with upcoming practitioners and innovative artworks. The curators of this dual-event propose a vibrant platform for exhibitors to meet with art lovers within Asia’s growing and thriving artistic community.

Now in its second year, Formosa Art Show made an impressive debut last year, attracting 6,800 visitors – with some 300 of these being recognised art collectors. Building on 2015’s momentum, the event will take place over four floors of the five-star Humble House; the only hotel to boast membership to Design Hotels™ in Taiwan. The show will also be categorised into three sections: Classic and Focus, Up and Coming and Limited and Unlimited.

The first celebrating distinguished artists, with prestigious galleries around the world being invited to showcase diverse aspects of modern and contemporary art that are also immersed in the more quintessential, classical artwork. Elsewhere, Up and Coming allows artists under the age of 40 to showcase innovative work hinting at future trends in art. Finally, Limited and Unlimited reveals new fashions in art collection. The work here reinvestigates photographs, prints, sculpture and video to produce unlimited possibilities from limited edition artworks.

Moving onto the more exclusive of the two, Formosa 101 Art Fair features galleries by invitation only to stage solo shows of their artists. Exhibitors include Shugo Arts, Gallery Nomart, Japan and Gana Art. In addition to setting up the only “Solo Show Art Fair” in Asia, Formosa will host an additional five sectors dedicated to presenting art from various arenas: Gallery Sector, Curatorial Sector, Video Art Sector, and the Public Art Sector, as well as a special exhibition titled Made in Germany.

Formosa are determined to promote dialogues between artist, art critic and museum directors,  and to increase artistic appreciation across the national. The promise of such a wide range of hand-picked artists, both emerging and established, is sure to delight art lovers and collectors alike.

Formosa 101 Art Fair and Formosa Art Show, 13-15 May, Taipei Expo Dome and Humble House, Taipei.

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1. Modern Art Gallery, SUK Chuljoo, New. Acrylic gel canvas. Courtesy of Formosa 101.