Expansive Movements

The 100th anniversary of WWI offers a chance to consider a century of the anti-war movement that rose to prominence following the carnage. From a handwritten poem by Siegfried Sassoon to origi­nal designs for the “peace symbol” which became an emblem of 1960s coun­terculture, from Vietnam to Iraq, People Power: Fighting For Peace tells the stories of anti-war protest through paintings, literature, posters, banners and music. Where are we marching? The future of protest is a day of debate within this radical exhibition, examining the role of social media in contemporary movements.

11 July, Imperial War Museum, London. For more information: www.eventbrite.co.uk

1. Edward Barber, Embrace the Base, 1982. 30,000 women link hands, completely surrounding the nine mile perimeter fence at RAF/USAF Greenham Common, Berkshire.