Evocative Settings

Evocative Settings

A new series by Michael McCluskey, entitled Mourning and Evening, presents domestic settings at dawn and dusk. Each image is devoid of human presence, possessing a strong sense of nostalgia and loss intensified by the glow of a rising and setting sun.

The artist notes: “To me, these pictures are like sad love songs. I spent countless hours walking and shooting in an attempt to express or rid myself of the overwhelming heartbreak I was feeling. At the time, I didn’t know why I was drawn to the subject matter and light.”

“The sun-kissed settings and fiery skies look back on the early, romantic stages of love. They’re so saturated and passionate… but only for a short time. The images that have a darker tone represent loneliness, and the fear of feeling that way forever.”

McCluskey is part of Aesthetica‘s New Artists scheme. Find out more about his work here.

IG: @michaelmccluskey

1. All images courtesy of the artist.