Serene Minimalism

Serene Minimalism

Living in a village by the sea near Lisbon, Tesera Freitas started out as a designer with a camera. Since then, she has garnered international followers with work that is at once playful and deeply satisfying. Her practice offers a moment where imagination meets aesthetics, finding and incorporating fairy tale sovereignty into real-life locations.

In each of Freitas’ work, colour carries a significant amount of information, pertaining to a certain amount of serenity and calm, whilst injecting a sense of the whimsical and the fantastical into otherwise recognisable landscapes. Pastel is a signifier of tranquility – peach fields, blue skies and yellow brickwork are muted into softened microcosms.

The images reside in a place of sanctified minimalism, with subject matter the includes European valleys, quirky buildings and open water. With commissions for large companies and galleries that include Hewlett-Packard and Schirn Kunsthalle the artist is quickly amassing acclaim for a unique, fanciful and considered style.

IG: @teresacfreitas

1. All images courtesy of Teresa Freitas.