Ecological Responses

Ecological Responses
A new publication by Hatje Cantz reflects on the relationship between art, architecture and the environment. The book, entitled Eco-Visionaries, offers critical responses to the Anthropocene, providing alternative visions for future uses of energy, resources and the natural world. Innovative works featured include John Gerrard’s Western Flag, a virtual simulation flying in a replica of Spindletop, Texas, the birthplace of the modern oil industry.
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1. John Gerrard, Western Flag (Spindletop, Texas), 2017, Courtesy of the artist.
2. Alexandra Daisy Ginsberg, “Rewilding with Synthetic Biology”, “Self-inflating Antipathogenic Membrane Pump”, Designing for the Sixth Extinction, 2013-2015 © Courtesy of the artist
3. Unknown Fields Division, The Breast Milk of the Volcano, 2016-2018 © Courtesy of the artists