5 to See: This Weekend

5 to See: This Weekend

This weekend’s round-up reinvents the built environment through virtual simulations, photography and sculpture. From fictional narratives to monumental mirrored installations, these must-see artworks examine the way people live within the metropolis.

Stefanie Moshammer: Not just your face honey, C/O Berlin

Using existing materials such as Google Maps and film footage, 2018 C/O Berlin Talent Award winner Moshammer examines perceptions of the world around us. The images combine elements of her imagination with fictional narratives, offering a new form of documentation. From 7 July.

Gail Albert Halaban’s Out My Window, Eastman Museum, New York

Albert Halaban positions photography as a form of social engagement, facilitating communication between neighbours by capturing their daily lives. Addressing themes of 21st century disconnection, the large-scale, stylised works possess a dark and cinematic sense of voyeurism. From 7 July.

Brilliant City, David Zwirner, Hong Kong

This show investigates the density of the metropolis, drawing on works by Francis Alÿs, Chen Wei, Stan Douglas, Li Qing, Michael Lin, Gordon Matta-Clark and Ming Wong. Using Hong Kong as inspiration, the works engage with complexities within the urban landscape through photography, film and installation. Until 4 August.

Rockaway! 2018: Narcissus Garden, Museum of Modern Art and Fort Tilden, New York

Comprising 1500 mirrored spheres, Kusama’s site specific installation – first presented in 1966 – echoes its industrial surroundings. In doing so, the piece raises awareness of Fort Tilden’s history, whilst reflecting on the impact of Hurricane Sandy in 2012. Until 3 September.

EVA International, Limerick

Ireland’s biennial of contemporary art closes this weekend. Featured above is work by John Gerrard (b. 1974), whose monumental computer simulations draw on power structures and energy networks. Often reflecting on ecological issues, the practitioner highlights the impact of human endeavour on the landscape. Until 8 July.

1. The almost new special Car to feel special and appreciated, 2015, from the series I Can Be Her © Stefanie Moshammer.
2. A truck and a car, 2017, from the series I Can Be Her © Stefanie Moshammer.
3. Gail Albert Halaban, Portugese Church in Gloucester, 2012.
4. Chen Wei, Night Paris, 2015.
5. Yayoi Kusama, Narcissus Garden. Image: Lane Coder.
6. John Gerrard, Solar Reserve (Tonopah, Nevada) 2014.