Design Museum Invites The Public To Collaborate On Design For Exhibition

The Design Museum in collaboration with invites the public to commission a new piece of furniture for display in upcoming exhibition, The Future is Here: A New Industrial Revolution, 24 July until 3 November. Anyone can submit a design that responds to the brief, and a shortlist will be compiled by the Design Museum and and posted online for public vote.

Starting from this week, with designs responding to the brief are to be submitted to the curator by 25 March, the entire process is to be documented and displayed in the exhibition.

It is an experiment in ‘collaborative design’ – testing the effectiveness of democratic design and manufacturing processes. Responses to the brief, voting and comments will be encouraged through social networks, inviting global participation.

This exhibition, presented in association with the Technology Strategy Board, explores our changing relationship with the designed world. A world where the boundaries between designer, consumer and manufacturer are becoming blurred. The exhibition will look at what drives innovation and new manufacturing techniques, and how that can lead to increased growth and productivity. The exhibition presents today’s emerging technologies that will become the growth sectors of tomorrow.

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Image courtesy Design Museum