Design Journeys

Design Journeys

A new South American inspired restaurant in Balham, South London, presents a bold, retro design theme chosen by Sella Concept. Drawing on bright blues, reds and greens, Piraña offers a playful aesthetic whilst tapping into 21st century trends. The rich, sensory palette of colours  is complemented by its materials, which include tiles, terrazzo, timber and metalwork.

Known for their signature pastel pink interiors, this project marks a departure for the studio, yet adheres to its interest in usability.  Combining nostalgia with contemporary minimalism, the space is subdivided into different areas as dictated by the mood and preference of visitors. The layout is defined by a seamless flow, facilitating both social and private experiences.

Tatjana von Stein, founder of Sella Concept, explains: “We are fascinated by the psychology of behaviour behind design and the question of how to encourage behaviour through layout, design and materials –what design makes us feel. Our favourite projects are those that allow us to answer one question: how can we transport an audience?”

The resulting venue offers a host of different atmospheres, providing an easygoing, adaptable dining experience.

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1. Piraña by Sella Concept, Photography by Nicholas Worley.