David Maljković: Sources in the Air, BALTIC, Gateshead

Croatian artist, David Maljković comes to the BALTIC, Gateshead, this March to present an overview of his large body of work. Moving from his early work to his present day pieces, Sources in the Air includes his famous, Scene for New Heritage trilogy. This epic series of films brought critical attention to the artist. The exhibition also explores the artist’s continued interest in collective memory and amnesia, as well as the inherent problems of the production of exhibitions and the display of art. Running from 15 March until 7 July, Maljković’s work includes collage, installation, film, video and works on paper.

Across his career he has sought to create new systems of how we record, remember and understand the past. He initially used film to reflect upon the history of his native Croatia as part of socialist Yugoslavia. For example, his Scene for New Heritage trilogy includes a series of films, drawings and collages that are centered on a monument to Yugoslav victims of World War II by Vojin Bakić in Petrova Gora. Set in 2045, the film captures the responses of a group of young people towards this historical and architectural icon.

Other exhibited series’ include Images with Their Own Shadows and Retired Form, Out of Projection and Recalling Frames. In all of these works Maljković plays with the past and the present, encompassing film locations, industry, people, media and technology. Recalling Frames draws on inspiration from Orson Welle’s The Trail, parts of which were filmed in and around Zagreb. Through using different shooting locations, the artist photographed the same places to create new collages, films and sound works that revisit a specific moment from the original film.

David Maljković: Sources in the Air, 15 March – 7 July, BALTIC, Gateshead Quays, South Shore Road, Gateshead, NE8 3BA, UK.

1. David Maljković, Temporary Projections installation view Sculpture Centre, New York 2012, Photo Jason Mandella, Courtesy Metro Pictures New York.