Cultural Translation

Based in Ohio and San Francisco respectively, Michelle Maguire (b. 1977) and Kelsey McClellan (b. 1990) work together at every opportunity. The duo first met in 2013 in Columbus whilst collaborating on a cookbook, Jeni’s Splendid Ice Cream Desserts. They have since created a number of editorial and fine art series that translate the act of dining into innovative and visually satisfying compositions. Featured in Aesthetica’s #NewArtists scheme on Instagram, Wardrobe Snacks is amongst their most successful shoots, inspired by anonymous individuals lacking the luxury of sitting at a table. Each image pairs colour-coded styling with icons of fast-food Americana. Every composition demonstrates a sleek and well-practised awareness of aesthetic consideration. Pancakes is Ready, the second series included in the following pages, translates the everyday iconography of food into an arena for cultural reflection.,