Zealous Emerge Awards: Creative Disciplines

Zealous Emerge Awards: Creative Disciplines

In an era were the position and integrity of the creative sector is constantly challenged by political developments, most notably the recent decision by Britain to move away from the regulations of Europe Zealous, a leading promoter of talent, introduces a new platform to champion artistic innovation. Observing how the arts industry currently employs one out of 11 of Britain’s population and the monumental contribution to the country’s economy this results in, Emerge Awards 2018 looks to re-energise the attitudes surrounding overlooked practices.

Noting the varying degrees of creativity alive within the nation today, 12 categories across a range of disciplines are including within the prize, seeking a diverse mix of artists and media. The competition explores the ongoing importance of traditional creative practises, including Architecture, Art, Fashion and Writing, whilst noticing the increasingly prominent technological genres: Digital Art, Photography and Gaming. By offering a cash prize of £1000 for the winner for each category, the prize will highlight the developments within further classifications including Craft, Design, Film, Music and Performance, investigating how the highlighted genres currently exist and how they will continue to evolve alongside one another after the finalisation of Brexit.

The judging panel is made up by four heavyweights within the creative field, notably Brett Rogers, OBE, the director of Photography’s Gallery, London. Chi-chi Nwanoku, OBE, founder and director of the Chineke! Foundation sits alongside Craig Hassall, Chief Executive of Royal Albert Hall, London, and aLL Design Architect Will Alsop to complete the board, considering entries in their respective disciplines. The concerns of the panel reflect that of Zealous, looking how creativity marks and is challenged by political and social developments.

Submissions by 19 March. Shortlist announced 30 March. Final ceremony in May. Find out more here.

1. Kate Dickie in Soror by James Webber