Colouring a Snowscape

Evgenia Arbugaeva: Tiksi

In the Siberian town of Tiksi, on the shore of the Arctic Ocean, the sun never shows its face during the winter; this is known as the Polar Night. Producing an almost mystical limbo, the landscape is a frozen tundra and the sky is alight with the Aurora Borealis, painting the town green and red. Tiksi is the birth place of photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva (b. 1985) and the source of inspiration for this breathtaking collection of photographs of the same name. Shot against the sheer white backdrop of the snow, the colours in the images are startling, capturing the beauty of this Russian town. The series was recently shown at in the Pictura Gallery, USA, and at the Breda Photo Festival, the Netherlands. For the Eveny – a nomadic people who herd reindeer – “tiksi” is a word meaning “a place where shoals and fish meet.” The following photographs are from the series Tiksi.