Colour and Creativity

Colour and Creativity

Iswarya Venkatakrishnan is a self-described colour enthusiast. Born in South India, the photographer now lives and works in Hong Kong as a content creator – constructing unexpected compositions out of paper.

Faces are obscured by paper houses. Cardboard television sets buzz with static. French fries – dipped in gold glitter – peek out of bright red cartons. The artist describes these scenes as “quirky twist on what and how I am feeling every day,” featuring playful objects as a mean of expression.

Examples include shots like Monday Blues, which visualises the start of a new week. Elsewhere, Feeling Fried responds to the experience of going through a creative rut. Painted Ladies is a play on words – taking inspiration from a pastel-coloured row of Victorian houses in San Francisco.

From gingham paper cakes to architectural masks, Venkatakrishnan shows us what unbound creativity looks like – bringing joy, humour and primary colours to our digital feeds.


All images courtesy Iswarya Venkatakrishnan.
1. Friesday
2. Feeling Fried
3. Painted Ladies
4. You Are Loved
5. Monday Blues
6. Untitled