Review of Beat Streuli: New Street, Birmingham

Triumphantly harbouring the works of Beat Streuli’s latest show New Street, Birmingham’s Ikon has been transformed into an ensemble of diverted perception and indirect human observation.

Mark and Kristen Sink: New Work, New York

Mark and Kristen Sink present a new body of work. In order to create works with a bold vintage effect, the duo utilised one of the oldest techniques in photographic history: the collodion wet plate.

Review of Tokyo 1955 – 1970: A New Avant-Garde, New York

Tokyo 1955-1970: A New Avant-Garde at MoMA demonstrates a manifold of approaches to making artworks in Japan’s post-war period. The selection embodies radical dissent and new political visions.

Floris Neusüss: Ancient and Modern, London

A pioneer of photographic art, German artist Floris Neusüss depicts the human form, nature, and aspects of domestication through his camera-less photographs. Currently on view at ATLAS Gallery.

Interview with Marie-Jeanne Hoffner: A Particular Portion of Space, London

Paris-based artist Marie-Jeanne Hoffner presents a solo show at PayneShurvell. A Particular Portion of Space explores the contrary notions of fullness, emptiness, construction and deconstruction.

Finders Keepers A Survey of Collecting, London

The Michael Hoppen Gallery will be celebrating its 20th anniversary in fabulous style by opening a treasure trove of private photography in the gallery’s largest public exhibition to date.

Review of Robert Wilson: Ritratti, Palazzo Madama

To mark the Prix Italia, one of the most prestigious international competitions for radio, television and the web, Robert Wilson’s Ritratti is currently being exhibited at Turin’s Palazzo Madama.

Interview with Juno Calypso

Juno Calypso is lined up to appear in The Catlin Guide. The limited edition collectors item provides a guide to 40 of the most talented artists to have graduated in 2012 from art schools around the UK.

Rokas Darulis: Intimacy, White Cloth Gallery, London

Rokas Darulis opens his first solo show at White Cloth Gallery, 6 December. Laying bare the subject of intimacy, this unique exhibition showcases the Lithuanian photographers powerful imagery.

Aesthetica Celebrates its 10th Anniversary Out Now

Aesthetica Magazine – one of the most recognised and important art and culture publications both in the UK and internationally – celebrates its 10th anniversary with a spectacular 50th issue.

10 Years of Aesthetica

Aesthetica is 10 years old. It’s hard to believe a decade has passed since we sat down and started planning exactly what we wanted our magazine to be.

Alex Prager

Alex Prager captures images loaded with tension that balance on anticipation. Her photographs tell a subversive narrative that has either come to its climax or is on the precipice of conclusion.

Colouring a Snowscape

In the Siberian town of Tiksi, the sun never shows its face in winter. Tiksi is the birth place of photographer Evgenia Arbugaeva and the source of inspiration for this breathtaking collection of photographs.

A Question of Colour

Henri Cartier-Bresson worked by the ethos of “the decisive moment”, whereby he aimed to seize something the very moment it happened.

Aesthetic Language

MoMA ignores the stereotypes surrounding Japanese art as it takes a look at the burgeoning contemporary art scene during the 20th Century.

Nicolas Righetti: Yes To A Rosy Future

Yes To A Rosy Future is a collection of unsettling photographs that cast new light on the conflict in Syria. Nicolas Righetti arrived in Damascus when preparations for the Syrian election were under way.

Light From the Middle East: New Photography Review

Light from the Middle East: New Photography is an intriguing show currently on display at the V&A. Curated by Marta Weiss it showcases 30 artists from 13 Middle Eastern countries.

Valentino: Master of Couture, Somerset House

Valentino the man and Valentino the fashion brand are inseparable. In recognition of this Somerset House presents Valentino: Master of Couture, a celebration of the designer’s life and work.

Jo Longhurst: Open Spaces Review, Ffotogallery

Jo Longhurst’s exhibition Other Spaces at Ffotogallery looks at the concept of perfection and the social, physical and psychological undertones of a culturally bound and highly codified performance.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2012 at the ICA in London

Bloomberg New Contemporaries opened this week at the ICA for the third year running. Independent of place and democratic to the core, New Contemporaries is open to all.