Sensuous Architecture

A new book presents an extensive overview of the visionary designs generated by one of France’s most celebrated contemporary architects.

Seizing Innovation

The Metropolitan Museum of Art’s costume institute invites viewers to question the fashion world’s accepted opposition of hand versus machine.

Sculptural Imagination

Robert Lepage revisits his lauded production of needles and opium in a multi-layered and stunningly hypnotic reprise at the Barbican, London.

Voiceless Landscapes

A formal background in architecture informs Parisian photographer Jérôme Bryon’s muted urban landscapes in latest series Grand Sud.

Suburban Explorations

Holly Andres transfixes viewers by presenting a concentrated experience of suburbia which urges them to linger within the unsettling narratives.

Cultural Microcosm

James Casebere is renowned for a pioneering use of models in his constructed photographs. Architecture populates the otherwise uninhabited images.

Playful Disposition

Los Angeles-based Jimmy Marble is a director, photographer and designer whose highly-animated work explodes with colourful potential.

Utopian Abstraction

With a thematic focus on staged worlds, Clemens Ascher’s photographic series In the Garden is a bright depiction of utopia.

Security Measures

A new photographic exhibition at the Imperial War Museum, London, explores the ethical implications of contemporary asymmetric warfare.

Fractured Recollection

Remembrance and amnesia are prevailing themes in London-based artist Ori Gersht’s historically-charged landscape and still life photography.

Ecological Consideration

The 31st edition of the fair highlights the increasing responsibility we feel for our surroundings, leading to a revival of craft and zero waste.

Tangible Portraiture

Currently based in New York and San Francisco, Russian-born artist Kristina Varaksina creates works which are highly sensitive towards human emotion.