Animal Kingdom

Animal Kingdom tells the story of J, whose mother has just died of a heroin overdose. Alone and unsure, he reaches out to his estranged criminal family.

Russia 88

To appreciate the controversy around Russia 88, one must take into account that were it not for Gorbachev’s Glasnost policy, this film would not have been made.


Launching in autumn 2011, ASFF is a new international film festival that offers visitors the chance to experience independent cinema in the city of York.

The Yusuf Trilogy

The Yusuf trilogy is an intriguing feat of Turkish cinema Taking his cue from psychoanalysis, Kaplanoğlu portrays the microcosm of one man and his world.

Cultural Interfaces

Exploring the boundaries between image and meaning, the 14th PHotoEspaña festival takes place in Madrid, Lisbon, Cuenca, and Alcalá de Henares.

Commissioning Art History

Celebrating 20 years of unparalleled new and innovative work, Artangel shows new work at 2011’s Manchester International Festival and a retrospective too.

Transgressing Boundaries

Kunsthalle Mannheim celebrates Bruce Nauman’s 70th birthday with a retrospective examining the artist’s fascinating body of work.

Technological Expressionism

A new exhibition Pro Tools by digital artist Cory Arcangel at the Whitney explores the relationship between cultural production and digital technology.

The Battle of Opposites

30 artists are presented in the first large-scale exhibition of works from the collection of Dimitris Daskalopoulos.

Factory Girl

Jason Schembri is a photographer from Sydney, with a strong interest in portrait and fashion photography. In Factory Girl, he critiques society’s obsession with unrealistic expectations of beauty.