Ecological Disturbance

Ingrid Weyland’s collage compositions tap into the age of Anthropocentrism, with human hands literally altering ecosystems from the inside out.

Satirical Photomontage

Harriet Moutsopoulos (aka Lexicon Love) creates digital collages that manipulate the origins of images, unsettling the viewer.

Worlds Transformed

Karen Constine subverts the LA landscape using an infrared camera. Deserted suburban streets are transfigured into surreal planes.

Acts of Preservation

David Benjamin Sherry’s large-format images, shot in hyperreal monochrome, depict sites that were threatened during Trump’s administration.

From the Orchard

William Mullan and Andrea A. Trabucco-Campos offer highly stylised portraits of apples: the fruit that has long symbolised knowledge and power.

Journey into Colour

Kate Theo places characters in their own surreal worlds. Concentric circles hover like ellipses alongside balloons and golden cages.

Lines of Production

Kevin Krautgartner’s series captures large-scale tulip agriculture from above. Aerial shots depict rows of flowers like striped barcodes.

Creating an Archive

The American South has diverse and complex histories. What happens when 16 photographers are invited to picture the region over 25 years?

Ethics of Consumption

Foto/Industria biennale offers a provocative glimpse at what we eat, how it’s presented and its larger cultural impact, from field to the table.

Exploring Deep Time

Palaeoclimatology includes the study of ancient climates. Noémie Goudal foregrounds the larger narrative of Earth’s 4.543-billion-year lifespan.