Journey into Night

Jasper Goodall creates an ode to the evening in Twilight’s Path. Quietude is embraced, as themes of solitude and isolation come to the foreground.

Somewhat Otherworldly

Jan Prengel’s Plants from Space series showcases flowers as if they were priceless exhibits: oddities from an alternate universe.

Mirrored Geography

Murray Fredericks captures ethereal horizons on Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre, an endorheic salt lake 700km north of Adelaide, Australia.

Satirising the Everyday

Olivia Locher highlights humanity’s unrealistic expectations, depicting daily regimes to comedic effect, where candles literally burn at both ends.

Beyond Aesthetics

Ulaş Kesebir and Merve Türkan work as a duo to redefine the parameters of fashion imagery, with bold colour schemes and alluring environments.

Rise of the Megacity

Michel Lamoller’s photographic reliefs highlight the alarming rate at which humanity is expanding, depicting high-rises as markers of infrastructure.

Personal and Political

Over 12 years, Gillian Laub produced a major documentary project in Montgomery County, Georgia, a series sparked by one written letter.

Moments of Serendipity

Andrea Lohmann’s compositions are inspired by the built environment: structures from the post- war period complemented by passing clouds.

Images in Flux

At the Royal Photographic Society exhibition, we find a moment to think about where we are headed, and how we feel about the destination.  

Atmospheric Still Life

Telephones hovering in mid-air. Half full glasses of water. Clouds reflected in pitch-dark rooms. Zane Priede is a self-taught photographer based in Riga.

The Aesthetica Art Prize 2022:
Shortlist Announced

Spanning the globe, these creatives address some of the most pressing issues facing us right now: climate crisis, inequality and new technology among them.

Meaning and Melancholy

Samantha Cavet focuses on “portraying the human abyss, loneliness and melancholic feelings,” often depicting lone figures within expansive landscapes.

Collaborative Documentary

In 2019, a United Nations report stated that single parents have been hardest hit by austerity in the UK. Polly Braden highlights their stories.

The Thrill of Colour

Colourful vines growing from gallery walls. Woven blobs reaching towards the ceiling. These are works by iconic textile artist Sheila Hicks.

Future Now 2022:
Programme Announced

Artists Larry Achiampong and Sutapa Biswas join photographers Poulomi Basu, Hannah Starkey and Jamie Hawkesworth at our annual symposium.

Visual Interpretation

“An artist makes art, but they are also a spectator of art,” says Elina Brotherus, best known for crafting self portraits steeped in visual history.

Imagined Structures

Adriana Mora constructs 3D buildings within idyllic waterscapes. The visual language of Brutalism is counterpointed with memories of childhood.

Curating Reality

Clarissa Bonet pushes beyond the traditions of candid photography: producing staged works that complicate notions of representation and reality.

Global Creativity

It’s estimated that we will take 1.5 trillion images worldwide in 2022. The Sony World Photography Awards Open shortlist offers a snapshot of this.

Expanded Photography:
Collage and Cut Outs

Here are five artists who offer a fresh take on the collage tradition: cutting, pasting, crumpling and overlaying to create new configurations.