Expanded Photography:
Collage and Cut Outs

Here are five artists who offer a fresh take on the collage tradition: cutting, pasting, crumpling and overlaying to create new configurations.

In the Moment

“My favourite moments are those which create coincidences and contradictions in the city,” says Berlin-based urban photographer Andrea Lohmann.

Neon Inspiration

Jyll Bradley’s latest sculpture is a space for rest, recuperation and inspiration, adding a sense of human warmth to the visual language of minimalism.

Emotive Performance

Los Angeles-based photographer Djeneba Aduayom’s mixed-media portraits see abstract forms cut and paste into new, eye-catching configurations.

Modes of Solitude

Rune Guneriussen inserts luminous objects – for the most part, lamps – into forest aisles, rocky slopes and creeks, stretches of coastlines and trees.

Rewriting the Archive

National Gallery of Victoria looks anew at one of the country’s major collections, uncovering myriad untold tales about queer identity through the ages.

International Women’s Day: 5 to See

On 8 March, International Women’s Day marks a call to action for women’s equality. We select five shows which reflect on the lives of women and girls globally.

Symbols of Anonymity

Faces obscured by flowers. Rooms adorned with floral wallpaper and patterned rugs. Diana Sousa creates contemplative and symbolic portraits.

Natural Balance

Humans and animals are intertwined. The relationship between the two has long fascinated photographer and filmmaker Charlotte Dumas.

Art in Blockchain

The idea of the “metaverse” has dominated recent technology headlines. BJP launches a platform for NFTs from emerging and established artists.

Surfaces of the World

Fotografie Forum Frankfurt (FFF) showcases the work of Danish photographer Torben Eskerod, an artist who explores memory and transience.

Repetition and Colour

Berlin is a city fundamentally shaped by the regeneration projects of the post-WWII decades. A new book chronicles its residential buildings.

Visual Storytelling

Through intimate portraits and eye-catching street photography, a new book takes stock of life in Cuba today – whilst looking to its past and future.

Dramatic Lighting

Andreas Mühe is one of Germany’s best-known photographers, recognised for cinematic explorations of sociology, history and politics.

Interpreting Our World

2022’s Sony World Photography Awards Professional shortlist responds to tensions between humanity and nature – occupying a complex space.

Art Now: Contemporaries in Focus

The creative industries bring £10.6 billion to the UK economy, contributing to social change and overall wellbeing. What does the future look like?

Cut, Paste, Snap

Swiss-born Cristina Rizzi Guelfi plays on a “widespread obsession” with selfies, replacing faces with 1950s and 1960s archival images.

Photography, Anonymity and Space

“Non-places” and “any-space-whatevers” are anonymous locations people pass through. Five artists explore these ideas through photography.

Industry and Humanity

Martin Parr Foundation’s latest photography exhibition considers how people, the environment and its resources are tightly interwoven.

Portraits of Becoming

Lydia Panas photographs women and girls amongst lush foliage. Lying surrounded by grass, leaves and branches, they stare back into the lens.