Playing with Tradition

Hassan Hajjaj blends North African culture with western iconographies. Framed images subvert and democratise fashion logos and brands.

More to the Picture

Portraits reveal truths about the human condition – how we present ourselves to the world. Bey explores the dialogue between sitter and subject.

Spatial Recognition

James Casebere devises table-top models, creating thought-provoking and visually deceptive images that have accrued international acclaim.

Cultural Anonymity

Michael Wolf documents the vernacular culture of the modern metropolis. Architecture of Density is a collection of colossal structures.

Dismantling Documentary

An exhibition of women photographers from Iran and the Arab world offers insight into the complex identities of a region that is often misunderstood.

Stylised Innovation

Starting out as Man Ray’s protégé in the 1950s, Guy Bourdin’s influential 40-year career was founded on a unique approach to 20th century fashion.

Life Through the Lens

Full of flamboyant personality, Garry Winogrand was famed for his street shots of everybody from businessmen to hippies, animals and celebrities.

A Question of Colour

Henri Cartier-Bresson worked by the ethos of “the decisive moment”, whereby he aimed to seize something the very moment it happened.