Towards Remembrance

Phaidon’s Editor-in-Chief Spencer Bailey asks questions about the art of the memorial in an age defined by division, disconnect and isolation.

Vivid Depiction

Yannis Davy Guibinga’s pronounced photographs are part of an expansive conversation about the representation of Africa and its wider diaspora.

Everyday Symbolism

Focusing on tropical motifs and idealistic landscapes, Adrienne Raquel’s works are playful and vibrant, communicating a sense of nostalgia.

Challenging Categorisation

Having graduated just nine years ago, Dutch designer Iris van Herpen has already achieved the impossible when it comes to 3D printing.

Solitary Anticipation

Dutch photographer Erwin Olaf presents the immeasurable tension of waiting in his recent series, located in the space between hope and regret.

Fashion Abstraction

Viviane Sassen’s vibrant colours combine with abstract shapes and contorted lighting to create a surreal landscape where nothing is as it seems.

Luminous Transformation

An exhibition at the Design Museum Gent showcases the greatest lighting design of the last century and anticipates creative possibilities.

Aesthetic Language

MoMA ignores the stereotypes surrounding Japanese art as it takes a look at the burgeoning contemporary art scene during the 20th Century.