Rolf Sachs: Camera in Motion: from Chur to Tirano, St Moritz Art Masters 2013

This August Rolf Sachs is previewing Camera in Motion: from Chur to Tirano, supported by LEICA at the St Moritz Art Masters 2013. Noted for his conceptual approach, Sachs has photographed fleeting moments of the splendid landscape along the World Heritage Rhaetian Albula/Bernina train journey between Thusis in Switzerland and Tirano in Italy throughout the year to form a stunning collection of photographs that blur the boundaries between abstract art and landscape photography.

Using a Leica camera, momentary impressions of the landscape are captured. Figures on the platforms and objects are blurred, demanding the viewer to encounter this famous journey in a startling and new light. The unique perspective afforded by taking pictures from the train in motion results in a diverse collection of photographs that show the transformations of the seasons and lighting conditions in a remarkable blend of abstraction and reality.

The images are as surprising as they are varied; altering greatly from the impressions that the human eye would normally register whilst moving. The first selection of prints from the journey are being presented by Galerie von Bartha and Leica Camera at St. Moritz Art Masters this month with the full extent of the project and book being launched in early 2014.

From Sunday 25 August until1 September 2013, 10am-6pm daily, St Moritz Art Masters 2013, Schlossereiwerkstatt, Via Aruons 33, CH – 7500, St. Moritz.

1. Rolf Sachs, Camera in Motion, courtesy of the artist.