Bulthaup Designs, Milan 2016

Bulthaup is known for its functional, ergonomic designs; showcasing in Milan from 12-17 April, the company introduced its new works for 2016 with a focus on simplicity and clean lines for its three main strands of production. Responding to people’s everyday approaches to living, the designs are characterised by modern society and the choices that we make within the spaces we own.

Their b3 system shown at Milan centres on the idea of a distinct interplay between planes, light and material creates different moods in space; creating different levels and depths of materials the intent is for the user to exist within both an efficient working environment yet be transported into a comfortable living space with a recognisable ambiance.

For the b1 range, the focus is simplicity; with freely selectable functions, the designs manifest themselves into a domesticated space with individual materials and functions, and for their b+ series, bulthaup attempt to blur the lines between different everyday spaces, creating an open plethora of living experience. Configuring a room through a personalised approach, the designs encourage a decision to be made about combining open planes and ceiling elements.

bulthaup, April 12-17, San Carpoforo in Brera via Marco Formentini 14 20121 Milan MM2 Stazione Lanza.

1. bulthaup, b+solitaires, table, Milan 2016, Courtesy of bulthaup.