Building a Universe

JeeYoung Lee (b. 1983) is a South Korean multidisciplinary artist who works in the studio for weeks, sometimes months, to construct entire universes from her mind. In the following pages, you’ll see oversized sycamore leaves rain down from the ceiling. Origami boats sail through seas of paper leaves, and gold paperclips fill the frame. Elsewhere, bright pink paint bottles splash against walls and butterflies flutter around four poster beds. A figure appears in each scene, navigating fictional worlds with nothing but an umbrella, spoon or paper oar. Lee’s elaborate sets sit within the tradition of surrealist photographers like Sandy Skoglund (b. 1946), who place crowds of objects within block-colour rooms. Yet, there’s something deeply personal about Lee’s compositions; the spaces are windows to her inner thoughts. “These creations act as a catharsis,” she explains. “It’s a quest for identity, desire and frame of mind.” | @jee_young_lee

All images courtesy JeeYoung Lee.