Bound Upwards

With an interest in exploring urban and residential spaces, French photographer Laurent Chehere (b.1972) traces the city streets using both reportage and conceptual imagery. The Flying Houses (2009-2015) series encapsulates Chehere’s passion for the concrete jungle and was created after he spent time documenting a suburban area of Paris. Inspired by the films of Wim Wenders, Federico Fellini and Marcel Carné, recognisable buildings are repositioned in the sky, flying through the air with inhabitants dangling from the windows and telephone wires twisting out into the distance. The removal of the dwellings away from their usual location reveals a secret beauty and exposes stories that might otherwise be hidden. Presented in large-scale when exhibited, each photograph carries unique details like a clown trying to a light a cigarette, a herd of animals packed into an apartment or a child peering out of an upstairs window.