Bold Co-ordination

Bold Co-ordination

Born in Texas, Kelsey McClellan  is a contemporary photographer who calls upon the everyday through a minimalist lens devoid of further context. Working with prop stylist Michelle Maguire, she creates polished compositions that call upon informal diner culture and the globalised food industry.

With a bold and undeterred vision, each image pairs colour-coded styling with icons of fast-food Americana. In every composition, the food becomes the centre of attention; the series demonstrates a sleek and well-practiced awareness of co-ordination and aesthetic consideration.

Folded clothes, open laps and rested arms evoke a sense of lethargy and social ease. Combining a vision of 21st century culture, the photographer calls upon fine art vanitas and cinematic introspection.

IG: Michelle Maguire | @pandahandler
Kelsey McClellan | @kelseymc

1. All images courtesy of Kelsey McClellan and Michelle Maguire.