Beyond the Edges

Beyond the Edges

Natalie Christensen (b. 1966) is a minimalist photographer based in Santa Fe, New Mexico, who was recently named one of “ten photographers to watch” at the Los Angeles Center for Digital Art. In a new publication from Setanta Books and Open Doors Gallery, she turns her lens to the urban environment. The abstracted compositions capture abandoned shopping centres, concrete blocks and swimming pools.

“Like many artists who come to the Southwest, I was immediately drawn to the light and the surreal qualities it creates in negative space,” says Christensen. “I began studying the colour fields, geometric shapes and juxtapositions created by the light and shadow.” The results are crisp and geometric. Pink, orange and white blocks create sharp lines and cast deep contrasts against blue skies.

“Six years ago, I experienced an unplanned move to New Mexico from Kentucky where I had spent my entire life,” the artist continues. “This move was coupled with a decision to leave my career as a psychotherapist and my professional identity behind… My images emphasise what is happening within the frame and invite the viewer to contemplate what is happening outside the edges but can’t be seen.”

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All images courtesy Natalie Christensen and Setanta Books.