American Symbolism

American Symbolism

Dino Kuznik is a graphic designer and photographer living and working in New York. Originally from Slovenia, the artist studied in Ljubljana 10 years ago, whilst working as a studio assistant and retoucher. Kuznik’s work depicts an ongoing interest in street, observational and landscape photography, influenced by the likes of Cartier-Bresson, Alex Webb, Vivianne Sassen, Gregory Crewdson and Andreas Gursky.

The images represent a journey unfolding, where exploration is not just a recreational activity, but a new sense of aestheticism lived out through balance, attention to detail and a lust for life. Where the world is constantly developing at an unprecedented rate, Dino’s images offer a psychological plane of reflection and organisation, which rely on simplicity, and at times, humour.

Pivoting around the American west as a symbolic and literal place of authenticity, calm and solace, each spellbinding image transports the viewer into pastel resolution, where bleached planes and limited structures provide tranquil vignettes. Linking mental stability with geographical certainties, the artist taps into the current human condition that is, at times, in search of empty, harmonious spaces.

IG: @dinokuznik

1. All images courtesy of Dino Kuznik.