Atmospheric Lighting

Federica Belli’s works are deeply atmospheric. They inhabit the northern Italian countryside as it’s transformed into an arena for adolescence, play and understanding. 

Young girls ruminate around in the fields, masked by plastic bags. They bask in the sun as it sets on crop fields, rolling into the distance. The light is golden – the sentiment unsettling. Belli taps into a quality of light that is filled with narrative and intimacy. Portraits are aglow with shadow and highlight. 

In 2018, Belli took part and won Sky Arts’ Master of Photography Competition. Since then, she’s worked as a Photoeditor at Musé ealongside Oliviero Toscani, and is now working on her final thesis at University. She has undertaken various commissions alongside personal works, for Rolling StoneVanity Fair and New York Pride.

1: From the series, Portraits of the Blossoming. Courtesy of Federica Belli.
2. From the series, Face Studies. Courtesy of Federica Belli.
3. Untitled. Courtesy of Federica Belli.