Arctic Mythology

Siberia-born Evgenia Arbugaeva (b. 1985) explores the Arctic landscapes of her childhood in her most recent photographic series, Weather Man. Arbugaeva aims to distil subliminal moments of magic in the scenes she records, imbuing the documentary format with a dream-like enchantment. The series evolved from a chance meeting with Vyacheslav Korotki, a meteorologist living in Khodovarikha – a remote outpost. The evocative sequence captures the austere Arctic, with the shimmering aurora borealis providing natural embellishment to the harsh isolation. The photographer documents ways of life rendered obsolete by societal and technological advances through the prism of childhood nostalgia. Korotki becomes a kind of meteorological shaman, stationed at the edge of the earth. Weather Man and Tiksi are currently on show in Arctic Stories at The Photographers’ Gallery, London.