Alex Noble: Creatures from the Kaleidoscope, Londonewcastle Project Space

Alex Noble: Creatures from the Kaleidoscope, Londonewcastle Project Space

At the end of August, Londonewcastle Project Space opens an exhibition of works by Alex Noble entitled Creatures from the Kaleidoscope. Curated by Ryan Lanji and running until 8 September, Noble’s work fuses fashion and art in an immersive landscape of visceral aesthetics. The exhibition began when the artist collaborated with three female musicians and performers who acted as muses for his Mannequink project, shot by photographer Joe McGorty. The results have since taken on a three-dimensional form and will act as a monochromatic introduction to Creatures from the Kaleidoscope.

Evolving from the original project, the work transgress into a spectrum of color, shape and female form; culminating into a sensory “exit”. The gallery space will be made up of large mixed media works, sculpture, installation, set pieces, film, performance and photography. Through his work Noble explores pattern, colour and their relationship through refracted and carefully thought out composition. Reappearing across his practice are tropes of spirituality, science fiction, art deco and consumerism, reminding audiences of oversized stain glass windows, large mosaics and rich motifs similar to religious Hindu imagery.

Layered on top of the patterns and colours are female forms, producing works ambiguous to a specific past or future. The film Colour Therapy shot by Joost Vanderbrug will also entertain the spectators in the exhibition. An abstract performance film about the power of colour and the life it breathes into the subjects of the film. In addition to Noble’s stunning installation, there will also be sets and fashion design on display, offering an insight into the artists continued interests in both fashion and contemporary art.

Alex Noble: Creatures from the Kaleidoscope, 30 August – 8 September, Londonewcastle Project Space, 28 Redchurch Street, E2 7DP.

1. Image courtesy of Londonewcastle and Alex Noble.