Henry Moore: Large Late Forms at Gagosian Gallery, London

Gagosian Gallery, in collaboration with the Henry Moore Foundation are bringing the artist’s large-scale sculptures indoors for the first time. It was Moore’s intention that these large-scale forms be interacted with, viewed close-up and even touched. In order that their heft and mass be perceived in a myriad of settings, they were most commonly placed outdoors, subject to the effects of changing light, seasons and terrain. Within the controlled white environment of the gallery space, the sheer volume and mammoth proportions of the sculptures are more keenly felt. Brimming with latent energy, their richly textured surfaces and sensual, rippling arcs and concavities can be seen to new effect.

Henry Moore: Large Late Forms, 31/05/2012 until 18/08/2012, Gagosian Gallery, 6 – 24 Britannia Street, London, WC1X 9JD. www.gagosian.com

1. Three Piece Sculpture: Vertebrae (1968), Large Two Forms (1966) and Reclining Connected Forms (1969)
2. Maquette Shelf
3. Large Two Forms (1966)
Photo: Mike Bruce. Courtesy of Gagosian Gallery. Reproduced by permission of The Henry Moore Foundation.