Alex Highton

Nobody Knows Anything
Gare Du Nord

Alex Highton releases his second album against a backdrop of personal uncertainty and ponders life’s big questions such as whether there is a God. This thinking informs Nobody Knows Anything both lyrically and to a certain extent, musically. He is aware he doesn’t have the answers but makes the journey an interesting one from beginning to end.

Highton has a commercial tone to his voice, though also at times veers into his natural accent. Born in Liverpool, this lends the songs a distinctly northern feel and gives them some context, somewhat akin to Alex Turner and Sheffield. Standout tracks include opener You Don’t Own This Life, which channels Paddy McAloon, and Somebody Must Know Something, with its ethereal landscape of violin, cello, clarinet and trombone. Panic contains a range of textures and dynamics which turn electronic in an unexpected twist.

Nobody Knows Anything is a much more satisfying listen when in reflective mode, but it maintains a satisfying pace and lyrical intimacy throughout.

Matt Swain