Aesthetica Art Prize: One Week Left To Submit Your Entries

Not long to go now…

The 2012 Aesthetica Art Prize is drawing to close, with only one week to go to get your entries in!

Over the past five years, Aesthetica has consistently supported and championed artists working in all mediums. Artists may submit their work into any one of the four categories; Photographic & Digital Art, Three Dimensional Design & Sculpture, Painting & Drawing, Video, Installation & Performance.

Here’s a selection of works from the 2011 Aesthetica Art Prize to give you some final inspiration. This selection was taken from the Aesthetica Creative Works Annual 2012, available to purchase here.

1. Michael Meyersfeld: Sea Point Pool
Michael Meyersfeld lives and works in Johannesburg, South Africa. his work encompasses both commercial and fine art photography. He has just completed a major project entitled Life Staged, which was showcased in Bologna early this year. The Sea Point Swimming Pool is situated at the base of Table Mountain on the Atlantic Seaboard side of Cape Town.

2. Nicola Taylor: The Weaker Side
Nicola Taylor is a self portrait photographer from rural North Yorkshire. Her career began at the age of 33 when she took a course at the London College of Communication after leaving her job as a stockbroker. She has received international recognition and her work has been sold in Europe and the USA. The Weaker Side is from her series Tales From The Moors Country, which takes inspiration from tales and folklore of the North Yorkshire Moors, which were told to Nicola as a child. Nicola’s images use the environment and the character to suggest a narrative and invite the viewer to explore their own relationship to stories by allowing them to fill in the detail.

3. Roger Hopgood: Drawing Room with Pheasant.
Roger Hopgood is a British artist who uses digital assemblage to reconfigure landscapes and interiors. At the core of Hogood’s work is a concern with the relationship between place and identity. In his current work, a series of images entitled And Then There Were None, the country house is presented as the site of a ‘who dunnit’ drama. Signs of hierarchy and inequities of wealth and power help to create an atmosphere of misdemeanour and denial, but an additional tension is introduced through the contrast between interior and exterior space.

4. Andrew Salgado: I Can’t Quite Remember But I Never Forget
Andrew Salgado holds an MFA from Chelsea College of Art. He has exhibited in London, Berlin, Oslo, Sydney, Vancouver, Toronto, Merida, Naimey and Chiang Mai. He was awarded Courvoisier’s Future 500 (2010), shortlisted for Art of Giving at London’s Saatchi Gallery (2010) and has been featured on the Channel 4 documentary The Science of Art alongside Anish Kapoor. His work explores the correlation between the concept of masculinity and the properties of the medium. The objective of this pursuit is to challenge a perspective of identity through heightened, purposefully self-aware representation, in which these representations refer to their own physicality and question their legitimacy.

5. Simon Shepherd: Flow
Simon Shepherd has been running his own successful studio in Brighton for the past two years. He carries out commissions for private and corporate clients both in the UK and internationally. His work is concerned with the interplay between the natural and manufactured. The unpredictable forms of nature juxtapose with the precision of our manufactured surroundings to create tensions and questions which the observer must strive to resolve. The materials he uses are varied to reflect these ideas.

The Aesthetica Art Prize is open for entries until the 31st August this year. For more information and to submit: